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Articles by Members of Meru Foundation's Board of Advisors & Guest Essays

This section of our website is a library of papers, short articles, essays, and other writings by various members of Meru Foundation's Board of Advisors, and other guest artists and scholars whose work may be of interest to readers of this website. Some of these essays are on topics related to Meru Foundation research; some are on the authors' own works. In all cases, copyright belongs to the author of the article, and is noted on the title line.

Comments and queries regarding these papers are welcome. If the author's email address is available, it is listed at the end of each article. Otherwise, Meru Advisors may be contacted through Meru Foundation.

The Klein Bottle and Variants, ©1994 by Nathaniel Hellerstein, Ph.D.
First Published in TORUS, the Journal of the Meru Foundation, Vol. 2, #4, January, 1994
Nathaniel Hellerstein is a mathematician, artist, author, and teacher; he received his Ph.D. in paradox logic at UC Berkeley in 1984.

The Complexified Æther,©1993 by Erol O. Torun.
Published in TORUS, the Journal of the Meru Foundation, Vol. 2, #3, July 1993
Erol Torun is a physical scientist with Defense Mapping Agency, who also is studying enigmatic Martian landforms,
and the geometric basis for number systems.

Is God Good?,©1997 by Isaac Mozeson
From Prof. Mozeson's syndicated column; reprinted courtesy of the author.
The WORD: The Dictionary that Reveals the Hebrew Source of English ©1989 Isaac Mozeson   
Forward to the book,   New York: Shapolsky Publishers
Prof. Mozeson is founder of a new field of historical linguistics that studies Biblical Hebrew roots. Besides a dictionary ( THE WORD, published by Jason Aronson) and syndicated column on this topic, Mozeson is on the English faculty of Touro College and the staff of Kirkus Reviews.

The Suprarational Grounds of Rationalism:
Maimonides and the Criteria of Prophecy, ©1996 by Mark R. Sunwall
Mark R. Sunwall is a researcher and writer in the fields of comparative religion and the foundations of philosophical anthropology. He is a research associate at Ryukoku University,Kyoto, and a faculty member of Hyogo Nursing College, Akashi, Japan.

The Way Up, ©1997 by Susan Afterman
Reprinted from The Jerusalem Report, 25 December 1997.
Commentary on the Torah portion of Vayeshev, Genesis 37:1-40:23
Susan Afterman is a poet and architect living in the Western Galilee.