Meru Foundation Board of Advisors
This is a partial listing of the MERU Foundation Board of Advisors. This Board functions as a consulting entity. Its individual members are responsible only for opinions which they have expressed under their own names.

Advisory Board members may be contacted through Meru Foundation (see below).

ARTHUR M. YOUNG (1905 – 1995) Inventor of the Bell Helicopter. Founder and chairman of the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in Berkeley, CA. Author of The Reflexive Universe, The Geometry of Meaning, and Which Way Out?. Edited "Consciousness and Reality" with Dr. Charles Muses. Information on the work of Arthur M. Young is available on the Arthur Young home page,

RALPH ABRAHAM, Ph.D. Professor of mathematics at U.C. Santa Cruz. Founding editor of Visual Mathematics Library; author of several mathematics texts.

ALBERT ADAMS Researcher in Linguistic Anthropology, Consciousness Theory, and History.  Fluent in European and Asian languages including both modern and classical.

MENACHEM ALEXENBERG, Ph.D. Professor of Art and Jewish Thought at the College of Judea and Samaria.  Former Dean, New World School of the Arts, U. of Florida at Miami (ret); former Chairman of Fine Arts Department at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn; Research Fellow at MIT Advanced Visual Studies Center, and Curator of Lights/Orot Exhibition at Yeshiva University Museum, New York.

RON BENVENISTI Photographer, musician, and consultant in information security and technology to Fortune 100 companies and the City of New York; graduate of Cooper Union; National Inst. of Science and Technology Fellow in computer vision and robotics. Websites:;;

DR. JOSEPH H. BERKE, M.D. Psychotherapist and writer; Director of the Arbours Association, London, England. Visit Dr. Berke's website

BRUCE BURGER Recording artist (RebbeSoul) and producer of Jewish and World Music. Current releases include Fringe of Blue, RebbeSoul-O, and Step Into My World.  Visit Bruce Burger's website

EDMOND CHALOM, Ph.D. Edmond Chalom earned his Ph.D. and undergraduate degrees from MIT in electrical engineering, and has worked in industry specializing in image processing, computer vision, and pattern recognition. In 2007, Dr. Chalom joined the faculty of the Jerusalem College of Technology.

LAMBERT DOLPHIN Senior Research Physicist in the Radio Physics Laboratory at SRI International, now retired. Has long-term interest in the application of modern geophysical methods to mining, archaeology, and complex geophysical problems. Advisor to MERU on physics and archaeology.

JAMES L. FOURNIER Award-winning industrial designer, with professional interest in 3-D graphics modeling. Contributing Editor to the journal of the Industrial Design Society of America; founder of JLF Designs, and co-author of Gaiamind.

NATHANIEL S. HELLERSTEIN, Ph.D. Mathematician, artist; author of Diamond: A Paradox Logic,Vol. 14 in the World Scientific mathematical book series, Knots & Everything.

CHARLES R. HENRY Professor Emeritus. Taught for 37 years in the Department of Sculpture and Extended Media, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. Visit Prof. Henry's website, Human Form from Sacred Geometry.

LOUIS H. KAUFFMAN, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, specializing in the study of embedded topologies, knot theory, and related systems and structures. Visit Dr. Kauffman's Website.

JEFFREY MISHLOVE, Ph.D. Host of the weekly television series syndicated on public television, Thinking Allowed, and author of Roots of Consciousness: Psychic Exploration Through History, Science and Experience, Dr. Mishlove is President of the Intuition Network, and hosts Virtual College,a daily internet-based interview program on Wisdom Radio. Visit Dr. Mishlove's Website.

JANIS PHELPS, Ph.D Psychologist; Dean, School of Consciousness & Transformation, California Institute of Integral Studies.

MARK R. SUNWALL Researcher and writer, comparative religion and the foundations of philosophical anthropology. Research associate at Ryukoku University,Kyoto. Faculty member of Hyogo Nursing College, Akashi, Japan. Read an article by Mark Sunwall

EROL O. TORUN Physical Scientist with Defense Mapping Agency. Studying enigmatic Martian landforms, and geometric basis for number systems. Read an article by Erol Torun.

FRED ALAN WOLF, Ph.D. Consulting physicist (Ph.D., theoretical physics), American Book award-winning writer, and lecturer world-wide on consciousness and the new physics. Visit Dr. Wolf's website.

STEVEN B. WOLFF CTO/EVP, All Clear Diagnostics, Inc. Former Vice President and Director of Engineering of UMEVoice, a developer of commercial Expert Systems and Voice Recognition systems.    

To contact Meru Advisory Board members, please write to: Meru Foundation, 524 San Anselmo Ave. #214, San Anselmo, CA 94960.
or email them care of Meru Foundation at: