Essays by Stan Tenen

Making Peace with Geometry

"Out of the box thinking"  -- using unexpected methods and perspectives to examine a problem -- can offer new solutions to old and seemingly insoluable problems.  An example of "out of the box thinking" is the use of geometric, topological, and visual relationships to solve problems, when word, narrative, and textual analysis are inadequate.  In other words, to solve some problems, we need more than words, and we need to step outside of the limits of what can be expressed in words.

Meru Foundation's research into the Hebrew letter text of Genesis is a product of "out of the box" thinking -- using a non-ordinary method or perspective to examine a problem, and seeing how this new model produces useful results.

In this section, we present examples of "out of the box" geometric and visual thinking. These are models that can foster a peaceful, healthy, and life-affirming relationship among the three Abrahamic faiths -- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and all faiths and traditions.

A New Islamic Map for Peace
©2003 Mel Alexenberg
Dr. Mel Alexenberg, artist and sculptor, a member of Meru Foundation's Advisory Board, offers an
"out of the box" perspective of Israel and its surrounding Arab neighbors, based on the
esthetics of Islamic art.  This essay was included in Meru Foundation's eTORUS Newsletter in June 2003.

Reconciling the Irreconcilable
©2000 Stan Tenen
How changing one's perspective -- moving "up" -- can reveal hidden relationships and possibilities.  

This essay was written in response to the deteriorating situation in Israel and the Middle East.

Poster ©1999 Stan Tenen
What we see depends on the dimensional "height" of our perspective.

The Three Pillars of Love
©2001 Stan Tenen
It is easy to say "all you need is love."  But real love has three important aspects -- exemplified by the three Abrahamic faiths.
Loving action must include each of these aspects to be effective in making peace.

The Light in the Meeting Tent – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in Jerusalem
Poster ©2001 Stan Tenen
A graphic illustration of the interrelationship of the three Abrahamic faiths, based on the premise
that the One-God is big enough for all.

The Tree of Abraham:  An Organic Model of Western Civilization
Poster ©2002 Stan Tenen
A graphic complement to Dr. Alexenberg's A New Islamic Map for Peace.

Draft Architectural Proposal for the New York Trade Towers Site
©2001 Stan Tenen
This draft proposal, written on Sept. 12-13, 2001, is another example of a way to "Make Peace with Geometry."

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