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Squaring the Circle - A Philosophical Solution

Background Information for Meru Foundation Lecture on 10 March 1999:

"Squaring the Circle": The One and the Many, Mind and World
10th Anniversary Presentation of Meru Foundation Findings and Update
Discussing current status of the work and future presentations

This lecture was held at the 3220 Gallery, 3220 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, California on 10 March 1999 at 7:30 PM. Materials which were distributed at this lecture are reproduced here, along with links to other articles which provide background information on this subject.

Squaring the Circle

"Squaring the Circle with Straight Edge and Compass"
How the Meru First Hand model provides a philosophical solution to this ancient riddle.
(For clarity, this essau was written in "press-release style,"and is therefore
a bit overblown and self-congratulatory, for which we apologize.)
March 1999

Quotations on Quadrature (Squaring the Circle)
November 1999
Excerpts on the history of quadrature, the quest to "square the circle."

A Purloined Letter: The Evidence is Not Hidden ©1999 Stan Tenen
March 1999

Symmetry and Asymmetry

The contrast between complete symmetry and complete asymmetry is an important component to a discussion of philosophical solutions to "squaring the circle." The essays below present additional approaches.

The Most Asymmetrical Spiral, ©1997 Stan Tenen
March 1999

For an early paper on this subject, see:
The Light in the Meeting Tent, ©1986 Stan Tenen
in the Meru Archives

The Relationship of Language and Gesture

Excerpts from Why People Gesture When they Speak, ©1998 by Iverson and Goldin-Meadow
(Reprinted with authors' permission. Complete article published in Nature, November 19, 1998)
Research shows that persons blind from birth gesture while speaking in the same manner
and using the same range of gestures as do sighted persons --
even when speaking with another blind person.

Also highly recommended:
The Gestural Origins of Language, ©1999 by Michael Corballis
(as published on the website of The American Scientist, the Sigma Xi Journal, March-April 1999 issue)
This article presents a wide range of research, including that of Iverson and Goldin-Meadow
on the subject of gesture and language.

The Role of the Hand in the Evolution of Language, by Prof. Ullin T. Place
(as published on the website of Psycoloquy, a refereed online journal, January 2000 issue)
This important article by Prof. Place was published shortly after his death in January 2000 in Psycoloquy, an
online referred journal sponsored by the American Psychological Association.  The following is an excerpt from the Abstract:
"Section III sets out eleven pieces of evidence for the view that vocal language must have been preceded by an earlier language of gesture.
Based on those principles and evidence, Section IV sets out seven proposed stages in the process whereby language evolved:
(1) the use of mimed movement to indicate an action to be performed, (2) the development of referential pointing which,
when combined with mimed movement, leads to a language of gesture, ..."

Additional articles on the Relationship of Language and Gesture are offered on
the Language and Gesture Index on the Meru Foundation website.


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