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Graphic Sampler of Meru Models: 1999

The images in the poster below are all either photographs or computer scans of actual physical models (in some cases, coloring and shading has been touched up for clarity).  The four card-stock models arrayed at the top of this graphic were included in the Meru Foundation Sacred Geometry Toolkit, a limited-edition set offered in 1999-2000.

The Heart of Hands, the 3,10 Torus Knot, and the 4-Finger Hand are all made from a variation of the hand-vortex model, with four "fingers" instead of one.  The cube-octahedral "Schlafli Double-6" is a one-of-a-kind construction made from brass tubing and nylon line; the tetrahelix inside is of card stock.




Models pictured on this page, and the graphic reproductions above,  are ©1999 Stan Tenen,
and licensed to Meru Foundation, POB 503, Sharon, MA 02067 USA.
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