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VRMLs: Virtual Reality Simulations

The 3-D computer animations and VRML's in this section depict models important to Meru Foundation research.  Our animators have contributed their skills and time so that we can display these models in motion.

Animations and VRMLs by Vincent Cunetto

Vincent Cunetto is a design/engineering consultant and sculptor living in Eugene, Oregon. He has rendered both  the "3-around-1 and 1-around-3" intertwined vortices, and the 3,10 torus knot as 3-D VRML models –  "virtual reality" simulations that allow you to walk around and through each of these models from any angle.

To view the VRML models, you need a VRML plug-in or a separate viewer.

Meru Foundation research suggests that the 3-Around-1 and 1-Around 3
is fundamental to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

3-Around-1 and 1-Around-3
(you can also view  a physical model )
*NEW* 24 Dec 00
Download VRML World
(3_1-1_3B.wrl – 195K)

Graphics (c)2000 Stan Tenen / Meru Foundation, Rendering by Vincent Cunetto


The 3,10 Torus Knot
*NEW* 24 Dec 00
Download VRML World
(10_3.wrl – 420K)
Graphics (c)2000 Stan Tenen / Meru Foundation, Rendering by Vincent Cunetto

VRML Viewers
Your browser may already have a VRML viewer installed.  Click on one of the right-hand pictures above – if you are offered the option of opening the file, then your browser is already equipped.  If not, Netscape will take you to an appropriate plug-in to download and install, or you can download a viewer yourself, at the National Institute of Standards and Technology page: VRML Plugin and Browser Detector.

PC users can use Cortona, available at
(If Mac users have other suggestions for VRML viewers, please email them to )




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