Hebrew Letters, Gesture & Language

A Matrix of Meaning: Portraits of the Hebrew Letters, in Pictures and Words
©1996 Stan Tenen




TeT, Completion, Wholeness and Bonding, paired with ALePh, Unity, naturally provides nourishment as the meat of the new fruit and the TeaT providing milk to the new child. TeT is the JeT at the Tip of the World Mountain. It is the sum ToTal of all the letters that came before. TeT Binds a mother to her child ("TEaT") and it re-Binds what Bet (distinction) first broke apart from Aleph’s Unity.

It is because TeT Binds and Bonds TIghT together, that, as a "constricter", TeT traditionally means Snake or Serpent. TeT is at the Top of the World Mountain, coincident with the new seed, but of the next generation.

In traditional Kabbalistic terms for the Sefirot, this is Malkut of the Archetypal level in Keter of the Spiritual level.