Hebrew Letters, Gesture & Language

The Hebrew Letters - FIRST HAND™
Chart (below) and hand drawings ©1994, 1996 Stan Tenen — Upper body postures courtesy Karen Ann Carty

From Mr. Tenen's description of the first published version of this chart, from TORUS, the Journal of the Meru Foundation, Vol. 2, #4, page 20:

The model and letter-shapes in the chart below are carefully hand-drawn tracings of shadowgrams of one physical model right hand. The hands shown holding the model hand are an attempt to show what a right hand looks like – from the point-of-view of a person wearing the model on their own hand. In a few cases there are minor distortions in the drawings to enhance their clarity. In other cases there are distortions and inconsistencies due to my lack of artistic ability. Since it is our objective to show enough of the gesture for each letter for it to be identified by the reader and to define a pointing direction and orientation for each letter, these inaccuracies should not be a problem. Likewise, some letters are truncated (or otherwise simplified) views of the whole model. These partial views are fully usable as long as they are sufficient to specify the particular pointing direction for each gesture.

©1994 Stan Tenen

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