Hebrew Letters, Gesture & Language

A Matrix of Meaning: Portraits of the Hebrew Letters, in Pictures and Words
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After the Diversity of DaLeT, Heh Interfaces between the parts of ALePh that DaLeT Dispersed by repetition of GiMeL’s Action and BeT’s Distinction. As the Interface (E) Archetype (A), Heh Frames the outer and the inner together. Heh inter-connects, mediates, heals, and re-Wholes. Heh refers to the thumb and the surrounding fingers of our Hand which Connects our conscious will to the physical world. Heh brings mind and matter, flame and vessel, wave and particle together; it is an abbreviation for HaShem, meaning "The Name" a stand-in phrase for God's Name. Heh is the Interface that provides a Framework for Connection. That is why Heh means Window and why, as a prefix, Heh means tHe. Heh encompasses the Earth-Plane (the outer, dispensed, part of the Heh) and the Primal Point (the inner, conscious, part of the Heh). It is the equatorial plane that window-frames and connects the center and the equator (just as with thumb and fingers) of the APPLe of Continuous Creation.


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