Hebrew Letters, Gesture & Language

A Matrix of Meaning: Portraits of the Hebrew Letters, in Pictures and Words
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Dalet reflects Division. It Opens ALePh repeatedly and causes the continued action of GiMeL on BeT to make, and Disperse many from One. DaLeT is divided (D) for (L) itself (-T). DaLeT, like the Greek DeLTa, allows what happens at a Delta: The river DiLaTes & DiLuTes as it Divides down to, and Dispenses itself into the sea. It Pours out into an Open DeLTa as a Poor man (DaL means poor, alluding to the bent over shape of the DaLeT) Divides, DiLuTes and Dissipates his energies. This is why DaLeT designates an Open Door.

DaLeT Disperses its Dispensation into the connecting Hand of Heh. It is at the top "event horizon" of the APPLe.

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