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        Displaying 3 pairs (RGB) of First Hand(tm) Models


This animation is based on original designs by Stan Tenen. This figure is actually three loops, and not a true knot, but this animation was so beautiful that we have decided to post it here in addition to the true 3,10 knot version. An alternate animation of this three-loop figure can be seen at:

The Round Dance - Growth and Unfurlment of Three Looped Pairs of First Hand(tm) Models

Animations of the true 3,10 knot can be seen at:

The 3,10 Knot in Rotation

Growth and Unfurlment of the 3,10 Knot

The 3,10 Knot Growing, Blossoming, and Fading

Additional information about the 3,10 torus knot and the First Hand(tm) model is available on the following posters:

 Continuous Creation: A General Projective Principle

 The 3,10 Torus Knot, Ring, Sphere,Tetrahelix and Hand




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