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Scientific Abstract of the Meru Research

Abstract written for a Poster Presentation at the Tuscon II Conference on
Science and Consciousness, Tucson, Arizona, USA 1996.
Mr. Fournier represented Meru Foundation's work at this conference. ©1996 James Fournier

This work involves the investigation of highly symmetrical mathematical patterns in the text of Genesis in Hebrew. These patterns become apparent when each letter in the twenty seven letter alphabet is treated as a number in base three. The alphabet represents a 3 x 3 x 3 matrix with each letter a triplet of 0's, 1's and 2's. The first verse, which contains twenty eight letters, is treated like a string of beads and wound up to form a spiral pattern arranged with each letter on one of eight radial axis of symmetry. Duplicate letters then align next to each other, and the other letters pair with their opposites (0,1,2 with 2,1,0 etc). In addition, the first letter links to the last letter of the first verse, so the Torah defines the mathematical topology of a torus. Computer studies have shown that similar patterns continue throughout the text.

The torus may be the most fundamental model of dynamic process. If one visualizes the torus as a smoke ring, i.e. the consequence of a first word, or first breath, making a first distinction between inside and outside, then it becomes apparent how the vorticular dynamics of process may give rise to this form. In topology, the most fundamental knot, the 3, 2 torus knot, has three lobes. This knot may be visualized as a continuous string on the surface of a torus which winds through the center three times. Only half of one lobe of this knot is required to mathematically define the shape of the torus. This path starts at the center, spirals up and out until it reaches the crest of the horizon and falls over the edge toward the equator.

This path may model both material events and sequences of consciousness. To model an object changing in time requires an extra dimension, thus implying hyper-dimensional geometry. The relationship between normal consciousness and spiritual awareness may also be seen as a hyper-dimensional shift. The apple models a torus as a dimpled sphere in hyper-space. The seed unfurls to become the whole tree as the spiral unfurls to the event horizon; then descends to define the outline of the new apple. Here the spiral path traced on the apple's surface becomes a model of its dynamic life process in space and time. A fruit tree bearing fruit whose seed is in itself. This spiral path might also be called, the serpent with the apple.

An inverted spiral path may be visualized on ones own hand. Imagine holding a giant apple with your thumb inside its center and your finger tips touching its equator. The spiral starts at the tip of your thumb nail, winds down toward your palm, around your thumb, across your palm and up to your finger tip. This one and a half turn spiral is highly asymmetrical. It has a unique silhouette in each orientation. These silhouettes correspond to the oldest versions of the Hebrew letters. Thus the letters of the first verse describe a coded sequence which defines a fundamental shape whose shadows generate the letters.

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