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The Meru Project: A Personal Introduction by Stan Tenen

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Director of Research, Meru Foundation 

The letters of the Hebrew alphabet – their names, their meanings, and their purpose – are truly extraordinary. Each letter represents a fundamental articulation of the Unity of Being, known to persons of faith as God, and known to science as a "Theory of Everything." Meru Foundation research can show that the letter sequences in the Hebrew text of Genesis are part of an effective science of consciousness, an extraordinary cosmology meeting the highest technical standards, and truly – not allegorically – a "tree of life for those who grasp it." Because this work is founded on the scientific method, which is respected even by persons who have no knowledge or interest in the Hebrew Bible, it can speak to persons disconnected from the Western traditions with an authority they cannot accept from tradition.

The Meru findings explain the "Codes in Torah" and their purpose and meaning, and demonstrate that Hebrew is a truly universal language, not just among the nations of humankind, but also universal in meditation, in cosmology and physics, and even for communication with self-aware animals – and in a way that is both spiritually and technically sound.

The Hebrew letters-as-gestures form a universal language, and fulfill traditional claims with regard to the Hebrew language before the tower of Babel. This is supported by recent independent peer-reviewed studies1which have demonstrated, for the first time in our time, that human language was gesture language before it was spoken. The Meru findings confirm that our greatest sages – certainly Rabbi Akiva – found their meditational exercises by "looking into Torah" for the steps in the path that leads to Pardes.2The Meru rediscovery of the letters as articulations of God's Will empowers the deepest foundation levels of the Hebrew Bible as they were understood and used in the past.

Although there's no reason to believe that our predecessors understood modern mathematical and scientific formalisms or knew quantum mechanics, their knowledge and study of the Unity of God would almost certainly have led them to the same minimal and most elegant relationships. Even in the context of this perspective, it's still startling to discover that the Hebrew letters also serve as a base space for modern physics.

While it may seem at first glance that what we are proposing is abstract, difficult to understand, and not of any obvious application in the real world, that's not the case. This work started in 1967 at the Western Wall in Jerusalem with my prayer for something that would help, in the words of a past colleague, to "bring into harmonious perspective not only many yet-unexplained scientific phenomena, but hopefully as well the unjustified causes which pit men of various cultures and religions against one another." Our goal is to help to bring persons of all faiths and no faith – technical persons, academic persons, and especially the young – to a point of genuine respect for the Abrahamic traditions. This work also offers the opportunity for the advancement of peace, based on mutual respect among the members of the three Western faiths (and indeed all faiths). Without compromising their own faiths, this work can lead Jews, Christians, and Moslems to respect these deep levels of the Torah tradition, because it's vital to their own survival. So although it may not be immediately obvious, the real importance of this work is social and political, and when mature, its purpose is to aid in our spiritual growth in powerful ways that are not currently available.

Perhaps the principal reason for the success of this project has been my unwillingness to accept second best in any argument or finding. There are many, most more qualified than I, who have attempted to bring respect to the Bible traditions by their praise. But even with the best of intentions, praise that is fainter than the full strength of Torah does not do full justice to Torah, and thus does not achieve the level of respect that we all so desire. This work is different. Our findings are demonstrable to even the harshest critics and most distant cynics.

My wife and I continue to invest in this work because we are convinced it is worth the sacrifice, the patience, and the other difficulties we've had to overcome. Our team is convinced that persons supporting this work will come to feel that they have done something extraordinary and worthwhile. Scholars and professionals have come forward to confirm this assessment. So while it may appear that this work is technical – it's not. It's a labor of love, a matter of mind motivated entirely by heart.

We appreciate the time and caring it will take for you to review our work. Thank you. Please also share this material with others whom you think might be interested, and able to help.

1Why People Gesture When They Speak, by Drs. Jana Iverson and Susan Goldin-Meadow
2Pardes ("Orchard") -- the Garden of Eden in meditation.

Stan Tenen, Director of Research, MERU Foundation
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