This section of our website is a library of papers and diagrams created mainly from 1983 to 1988, when we were first beginning to formulate our ideas so that we could then investigate them. Some of these papers have been previously published by Meru Foundation; others have not. (Date and place of publication is indicated where appropriate.)

Since we began our work in 1978, we have always tried to keep complete, "warts and all" records of all our ideas, both those which later proved to be accurate, and those which turned out to be merely important steps along the way. When you work in a field that does not yet formally exist, there is no way other than complete openness to demonstrate credibility. A background in physics does not necessarily qualify Mr. Tenen for discussion of mathematical philosophy or religious history. Thus, it has been our intention to present a continuous public record of our findings as they have evolved (to the extent possible). This section of our site is especially for those of you who appreciate following how a set of ideas develops, with work and over time, from a fluid, working hypothesis, to a set of definite findings supported with evidence.

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The Light in the Meeting Tent, Unpublished Paper ©1986 SNT
Sets forth the basic concept of contrasting symmetry with asymmetry, and presents our hypotheses
as they existed in 1986.

 The Light in the Meeting Tent — Graphic ©1986, 1996 SNT
24 Dec 1996
The figures on this poster were designed in 1986, and previously published (monochrome) as part of the document,
The Light in the Meeting Tent (1986). They also appeared in The Meru Project (1988) as part of the Unity and Wholeness duo, below.

One Will – Two Hands  ©1992, 2005 SNT (pdf, 366K)
August 2005
This essay on how choice is expressed in the physical world was originally published
in TORUS, the Journal of the Meru Foundation, Vol. 2, #1.

Rhythmic Traverse, ©1985, 1996 SNT
First Published in TORUS, the Journal of the Meru Foundation, Vol. 1, #5, Autumn 1985

An Idealized Embryonic Fruit and a Dancer's Exchange of Angular Momentum
1 November 1999
The Meru Project (1988) is an edited transcript of an early computer conference on Meru research (questions from other persons are paraphrased, and extraneous material eliminated). This transcript was later formatted to include illustrations, two of which were
precursors to the combined, updated poster reproduced here.

Unity and Wholeness: Two Companion Posters ©1989, 1996 SNT
These two posters, originally designed as illustrations for The Meru Project (1988) , are also used extensively
in our videotape, Geometric Metaphors of Life.

 Poster and Model-Construction Pattern:
Hex-Pattern 7-Color Map / 2-Torus ©1984, 1996 SNT
To make a true 3-dimensional 2-Torus, connect the left to the right sides,
and the top to the bottom of the square outline in the middle.

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