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A Matrix of Meaning: Portraits of the Hebrew Letters, in Pictures and Words
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Gimel carries what is within the House of BeT to what is outside the House. GiMeL comes and goes (– C) from (M) and to (L). GiMeL travels BeTween the poles of BeT. That is why GiMeL means Camel – the Camel is the carrier, the energy, that Comes and Goes From one oasis To another in the desert.

GiMeL extends as a wave-like sprout from the Primal Point. GiMeL’s action Births the Yin/Yang BeT, the "first born son", , into DaLeT. GiMeL is identified with the Flame moving upward from the Primal Point at the center of the APPLe of Continuous Creation.

Meruba Ashurit


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