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Meru Foundation eTORUS(tm) Newsletter
Number 33 - 6 April 2006
Copyright 2006 Meru Foundation
Edited by Levanah Tenen


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"First Light", our newly compiled half-hour introductory video sampler, is now available: Two copies for $9.99, post paid -- one for you, one for a friend. "First Light" is an easy-to-follow tour of our primary findings -- a good way to introduce our Project to friends and colleagues. Go to http://www.meetingtent.com/FirstLight.html to order.

On this DVD, Stan makes an important mistake. In 1991, we realized that the special vortex shape which our work indicates is the source of the Hebrew letters is a model human hand -- but this design and discovery was so new that we didn't yet completely understand a key feature: which hand? So segments of this DVD taken from an unreleased video filmed in 1991 show Stan wearing the "First Hand" model on the wrong hand. (He makes the same mistake on our 1991 live-lecture DVD, "A Matrix of Meaning for Sacred Alphabets.")

Making and correcting a testable hypothesis is the essence of the scientific method. The refinement of a theory necessarily includes making mistakes -- and then correcting them. (Nonsense does _not_ require correction.) In this case, the idea was right -- the flame/vortex is really intended to model a human hand -- but the details didn't fall in place until after we made the video.


This year, Passover and Easter occur during the same week. For each tradition, these holidays focus and define our relationship to the Transcendent -- viewed differently in each faith, but for those who follow these faiths, still the same One.

In this issue we present two poems by Stan Tenen, both on the subject of Unity: "Pick One," written in 1998, and "Apology for One God", written in December 2005. The second piece was originally titled "Apology for the Aleinu," which is a prayer said daily in Jewish religious practice. (The last line of this prayer, in English, reads: "And it is said: Hashem (YH-VH) will be King over all the world -- on that day Hashem will be One and His Name will be One." (Artscroll translation)) More generally, it is an apology for the One God.


There are lots. Pick one.
----Which one?
Any one.
Any one you please,
  so long as you pick one.

----I have One.
Is it the best One?
----I don't know.

Well, check it out.
Drive it around the block.
Kick the tires.
Check out some of the others.
Is the one you picked
  The best One?

----Well, no,
  I guess if I look, I can always find
  a better One.

Would you like to find
  The best One?

  How do I do that?

Well, you start by looking for One.
And then you compare
  One with another,
  Until you find
  One better.
And then you compare that
  With the others,
  Until you find One
  Better yet.

----I could do that for a long time.

Yes, but
  Once you decided to look for One,
  And then to look for
  Increasingly better Ones,
You had a plan.

And given that you had lots and lots of time and energy,
You could get pretty close to a good idea
  of the Very Best One.

Now, the Very Best One
  would be the most different
  from the most ordinary
  or least best one.

In fact,
  when you looked all around, and averaged it all out,
The Very Best One
Would be more different from all the others
  than any other one,
Even those that might seem
  close to best.

Thus, the Very Best must also be
The Very Most Different.

If you searched in all directions
  for the Very Best One,
There'd be One, and only One,
In which to find It.

And it would stand out from all the others,
because it would be the most different,
the most precise,
the most unique,
and by every other meaning,
the Best and Brightest
of All.

Along the way,
  you must include
  your best definition of

The All
  includes the Best,
And the Best exemplifies
  the All.

---Stan Tenen, 29 July 1998



Because every thing is finite,
       The Infinite One must be No Thing
 -- That is, not countable --
       As all things are countable.

By this means
The All-Alone, undifferentiated-into-things, One
 -- Which is No Thing --
Becomes the God of many different faiths.

The uncountability of No Thing
 -- neither one thing,
 -- nor many things
 -- nor any number of things
Is the cosmic loophole that allows the same One
To be exclusively "all alone" in each faith
Yet still the uncountable One over All.

The lives of all the heroes are as claimed for them
Because a hero, by definition,
Climbs steadily, ever more steeply upward
 -- Where all climbing paths must converge --
Guided in every choice
By the One not-a-thing
As their pole, and as their star.

Thus, the hero of every culture
 -- The embryo of the One No Thing --
Finds the way home.

-- Stan Tenen, 26 December 2005



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