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Meru Foundation eTORUS(tm) Newsletter
Number 22 – 18 May 2004
Copyright 2004 Meru Foundation
Edited by Cynthia Tenen


Dear Meru eTORUS Subscribers,

Many of you know composer Daniel Gil's symphonic work, The Creation Overture, a 10-minute rendering of the Hebrew letter-text of the first three verses of Genesis into music. (This piece is available on Meru Foundation's CD, First Sound(tm): The Music of Genesis,  which can be ordered from our secure-server website, <http://www.meetingtent.com>) .

I would like to present all of you living in the New England/New York area with a special opportunity. On Sunday afternoon June 6 at 2:45 PM, in Boston's Jordan Hall, Mr. Gil will be premiering new orchestral works based on long-lost traditional Chassidic melodies, which he has restored and orchestrated as part of an ongoing research project to bring this Jewish sacred music to American and world audiences. This concert is the first of a series sponsored by the organization "Legacy of Spirit," and information on tickets and prices is available on their website at <http://www.legacyofspirit.org>. (NOTE: Use a recent version of Internet Explorer to browse this website -- it is not compatible with Netscape or Mozilla.)

Those of you who have heard Daniel Gil's "Creation Overture" know how extraordinarily powerful and expressive this music is. (A one-minute sample is available at <http://www.meru.org/Newsletter/SpecialNoticeFirstSound.html>.) Gil's masterful compositions based on traditional Jewish music are equally powerful. One of my favorites, "Longing to Console," is available in its entirety for download on the "Legacy of Spirit" website at

<http://www.legacyofspirit.org/Music/Longing.mp3> (8:29 -- 5.24 meg) (Play this piece on good speakers... <smile>)

Meru Foundation is now offering a new CD of orchestral music by Daniel Gil called Three Orchestral Works, including both The Creation Overture, and the piece Longing to Console, linked to above. I have had this CD for many months, and I never tire of listening to it. These works are based on a type of sacred song called a "niggun" which was traditional in Eastern European Jewish communities.  These songs are traditionally sung by voice alone, without accompaniment. In recent years, it has become popular to "update" these songs by creating instrumental versions in some currently acceptable musical style -- and thus lose the focus, power, and depth of the unadorned original.

Daniel Gil's music is different. His orchestrations create the musical space for the soul of these songs to sing to us, directly and without interference. These symphonic works allow us to hear and feel the longing and passion of this sacred music of Eastern European Jewry for ourselves.

If you can attend the June 6th concert at Boston's Jordan Hall -- please do. I believe that you'll never forget it. If you can't attend the concert -- consider purchasing the new CD of Gil's music -- called Three Orchestral Works -- from Meru Foundation's website at <http://www.meetingtent.com>.

For more information on the June 6th concert, and to purchase tickets (via Ticketweb), go to the Legacy of Spirit website at <http://www.legacyofspirit.org>.

Thank you.
Yours truly,
Cynthia Tenen
Meru Foundation


June 6, 2004  2:45 PM
Jordan Hall
New England Conservatory of Music
30 Gainsboro Street
Boston, Mass.

$15, $25, $36


I hope you enjoy this Meru Foundation eTORUS(tm) Newsletter.

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Thank you for your interest in the work of the Meru Foundation.

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